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Hillspring Books offers typesetting, design, and editorial services to publishing houses and independent publishers. With over sixteen years in the print industry, we strive to make every book a work of quality and originality.


We offer typesetting services for books of all sizes and complexity. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, we have typeset textbooks, education material, novels, liturgies, hymnals, newsletters, and more.

Check out our portfolio and contact us for a quote. Typesetting services are offered on a per page basis.


We offer both cover and interior designs. A good design takes communication, creativity, and expertise. The process begins with a briefing to develop the tone, mood, and design objectives. Then three rounds of alterations lead to the final polished product.

Check out our design portfolio for a sampling of covers and interiors.


Owner Jessica (Hillstrom) Ess was trained in journalism and design before moving to editorial roles in publishing. She currently offers proofreading services. Contact her here for a copy of rates.

“Jessica grasps both the big picture and the small details required to get a job done, and handles even the most stressful situations with grace and positivity.”

Jessica Thoreson,  Assistant Publishing Services Manager​

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